Artist Statement

My professional work is centered on the experience of space. As an architect I define spaces that balance the scale and inhabitation of rooms, buildings and cities. I create cohesive places that emphasize the individual experience. My personal work is the exploration of hand drawn and written forms to express that same experience of space.

I make line drawings use ultra fine point Sharpies. I draw obsessive, abstract landscapes that approach embroidery in their intricacy and repetitiveness. I also draw the ordinary objects that comprise my world. The scale of the work is driven by the practicalities of motherhood balanced with the demands of an architectural practice, producing drawings made within limited space and time constraints. The same attention to the details which make up larger compositions is reflected in the stories I write about the city. My writing centers on ordinary people and ordinary objects inhabiting the city and the manner in which they interact with their environment. I produce small works in small spaces using the interstitial moments found between packing lunch for the kids, job site meetings and folding laundry.

I have a deep love of the intersection of practicality and beauty. I like the idea of inhabiting a world where tiny, incremental steps made every day in drawing, making or writing will add up to a tapestry of something else entirely.